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What opportunities are available for recent college graduates?
We seek chemical and mechanical engineers to fill various roles in maintenance, process, project and production engineering capacities. Graduates are given meaningful assignments early in their careers that enable them to expand their technical and professional skills quickly.

As opportunities in other fields develop, they will be included in information provided to the career placement office.

What internships are available for undergraduate students?
We hire students for summer internships. Interns receive challenging work assignments and are paid competitively for their efforts. When hiring full-time engineers, these students are considered before seeking outside applications

How does a student apply for a full-time engineering position?
Our college recruiting team typically interviews at the following campuses: Texas A&M University, Louisiana State University, University of Texas, Texas Tech University and New Mexico State University.

We usually participate at the career fairs at each of these universities and recruit through their career placement offices. Please work with your university’s career placement office to submit your resume for our consideration. On-campus interviews are conducted through the university’s career placement offices.

How do I apply for an engineering internship?
Contact your university's career placement office to find out when we will be on campus and about submitting your resume. Recruitment guidelines set by each university are followed.

How do I submit my resume to Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc.?
Please submit your resume through the career placement office at your university. Recruiters work with the career offices at each university to ensure that each student candidate from that university has every opportunity to submit his or her resume for our consideration.

How does your college recruiting process work?
We assign a Recruiter to each university. The Recruiter coordinates our recruiting events at that school and is the primary interface between our company and the students, faculty and career office. Candidates submit their resumes to us through the university’s career office, and the selected candidates are interviewed on campus.

From the on-campus interviews, we select students to come to one of our facilities for additional interviews. Candidates will be informed of their status within a reasonable time following the campus visit.

Many of the facilities do not bring intern candidates to the sites for interviews. If you are applying for an internship, the manufacturing facility will let you know if there will be a telephone interview or plant visit.

How do I follow up on my status as a candidate?
To get information on your status as a candidate, contact the Recruiter for your university. The university career office can put you in touch with your Recruiter if you need assistance.